"Absolutely delicious. Highly recommend Miss 'P'"

"OMG this is amazing, I have tried many different types but yours is the best... the Stew, the Curry, the Jerk chicken...I am buying it all"

"taste stands out… the best!"

"It is Awesome. The best ever"

"Miss 'P' is by far the best ever Caribbean Flavours I have had in Canada"

"Awh, so good.. such a great Curry, and the Jerk Chicken was just as good"

"We love it So flavourful..so good"

"It is really good, its amazing"

"Delicious Jerk Chicken and Curry Chicken"

"10 out 10! Stew Chicken and Jerk Chicken very nice, and not too spicy"

"…flavors of the spices came through without being too overpowering"

I was excited by your idea of grinding the whole spices yourself and using all natural ingredients. I was amazed at how the flavors of the spices came through without being too overpowering and hot which is typical of Caribbean foods. The biggest benefits is how convenient it is to use on any meats and vegetables. I also like the fact that you use whole spices ground down to get maximum flavor. I feel the ingredients are very beneficial to our health and not processed like other sauces and seasonings. The Curry paste is awesome on baked boneless, skinless chicken slow cooked in the oven for and 1 1/2 hrs. I tried the seasoning on baked salmon and a beautiful lentil soup. My husband especially liked the flavor of the chicken and found the flavor not too over powering and spicy. I would highly recommend the product and plan on advertising it by word-of-mouth and gift giving over the holidays.

- Tuula, Brampton ON

"I could taste the freshness in my food."

I used Miss "P" Curry Paste for the first time yesterday for a vegetable dish I was making with potatoes, peppers, mushrooms and zucchini. The dish turned out amazing, just the right amount of hot without a single flavor overpowering any of the others. I have tried Indian curry and Thai curry before, but I'd never tried Caribbean curry. It was similar, but different, with a unique blend of spices I'd never tasted before. I'm so happy to have discovered something new and so delicious! I loved the fact that everything in the Miss "P" curry was freshly ground. I could taste the freshness in my food. It's wonderful to be able to simply open a jar and have a delicious, healthy meal ready in just fifteen minutes. I only used the Miss "P" curry paste yesterday. I'm looking forward to also trying the all purpose seasoning mix next time and seeing what that tastes like! If you haven't tried the Miss "P" products yet you're in for a treat! I'm going to use them the next time my family comes over for dinner!

- Maissa, Toronto, ON

"It was delicious"

I had used the curry paste to make curried lamb and everyone enjoyed the flavor. The spice was mild, the smell was good and the taste was smooth. We licked our fingers and comments – "It was delicious". I would recommend Miss "P" product because it was tasty, the ingredients are well mixed and the scent was good. Easy to use and ready to go. It alleviates unnecessary work such cutting up your garlic, onions and tomatoes.

- Marissa, Mississauga, ON

"Did it appeal to our taste buds—Yes! Yes!"

The taste! How good is the taste and the ingredients used to make the product. Once Miss "P" stood before her audience and described her new product and increased our awareness of the contents of the product, I was hooked. The samples she offered as a main course allowed us to make an informed decision about the product. Did it appeal to our taste buds—Yes! Yes! The flavor and texture was smooth and easy to digest. The spices used and the positive effects of the spices when ingested and allows for proper functioning of our organs. The biggest benefit of the products - Smooth tasting and appealing to taste buds!

- Satisfied customer - with a one stop shop

"…it is has an authentic Caribbean flavour"

I first thought, hmmm… another Curry And Mix seasoning on the market. After tasting them I realized that these are very good products. They're easy to use, healthy, offer time saving and taste amazing. I would recommend it because it's simple to use and it is has an authentic Caribbean flavour.

- Aleem, Toronto, ON

"WOW" this stuff is amazing!!!

My perception before I tried Miss "P" Curry Paste and All-purpose seasoning mix, I thought it's just another regular product on the market, but was curious to try it. After seasoning and cooking with it. I was totally impressed and surprised. I said "WOW" this stuff is amazing!!! It's very easy to use and saves time. It's A health product that I totally like and it gives the food a fantastic taste, and flavor that I enjoy eating. Miss "P" was tasty and full of flavor. An natural product which I'm very conscious about, it's healthy to use in all my cooking which I do frequently. I would definitely recommend Miss "P" product… because it's something that I like for myself and think others will also like, and constantly have in their kitchen after using it.

- Rick Ramrattan, Mississauga, ON

"It has reduced the time spent cooking significantly…"

Using your products (Curry Paste and All-purpose mix seasoning) was one of the better decisions we have made recently. In the past we have tried several other premix spices and seasoning and were very skeptical to try a different type, but were presently surprised after using the Miss "P" brand. It is second to none. We have used the curry paste and all-purpose seasoning on chicken, lamb, fish and vegetables, total success. The feedback from both Caribbean and non-Caribbean guests were awesome, they were very impressed with the flavours. In addition to the fabulous taste, it has reduced the time spent cooking significantly, a tremendous help for families with both parents working. Also the recipes on both packages are very helpful. We have been cooks for over 35 years and recommend these products to anyone who wants to significantly reduce their time cooking and consistently maintain a fabulous flavour. Thanks Miss "P" for making an excellent selection of spices.

- Clifton and Indira, Bowmanville, ON

"Less work, consistency in the flavours"

When I first heard about your product, I felt it was interesting and a good product since there is no Caribbean prepared/ready to cook mix. The benefits would definitely be the less work, consistency in the flavors, less time in preparation. Marinating was quick and easy!

- Sandra Khan

"Pleasantly mild and full of flavour"

I have been using Miss "P" curry paste for all my curry dishes from the day I was introduced to this authentic paste. It has all the spices and taste just like my mums original dishes. Its the best that I have experienced for a bottled curry product. I have recommended this product to all my friends and family. At first, I thought that being a Caribbean product it might have been very spicy but to my surprise, it was pleasantly mild and full of flavour. Just the perfect combination of spices and cooked to perfection. A little bit goes a long way since it is concentrated and very thick. I am never out of stock.

- Marlyn, Toronto, ON