Slow cooked foods lovingly prepared from cherished recipes handed down through the generations. Tantalizing aromas that filled the house. Appreciative accolades from loved ones, were her happiest memories. Regardless of what kind of success she created outside the kitchen, for Rebecca nothing compared to her love of feeding people. Nurturing them with food she prepared herself.

The heartfelt call to share the tastes of home is what led to the creation Ready To Go Foods, featuring Miss 'P' ready to use Caribbean Flavours. Modifying and expanding on recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother, Rebecca spent six years experimenting with spices and flavours and sharing untold numbers of lovingly prepared meals with friends and family. The culmination of all those meals can be found in any of Miss 'P's ready to use Pastes, Sauces or All Purpose Seasoning Mix.

If you’ve been to the Caribbean, you know the taste. A blend of spicy and sweet reminiscent of blue skies, white sands and tropical breezes. What others describe as a fusion of exotic and delicious, Rebecca calls it a taste of home.

It is her greatest pleasure to share it with you.

A Few Reasons why Miss 'P' Products are so Good For You


Of all the world’s medicinal herbs, turmeric is the one most frequently mentioned in scientific studies. It has been called Earth’s most powerful herb for fighting and possibly even reversing disease. On the heart, mind and spirit scale, turmeric hits all three bases. It’s anti-inflammatory antioxidant, and antidepressant properties help maintain a healthy heart, fight degenerative diseases of the brain like Alzheimer’s, reduce joint pain and push back against depression.


Combine the distinctive spicy/sweet taste of cinnamon with outstanding antioxidant properties, and you can understand why there was a time when this spice was more valuable than gold. Cellular damage can lead to cancer, inflammation, signs of aging and a long list of further problems. Antioxidants work to prevent cellular damage. People love cinnamon for the taste. their brains love it for fighting cognitive decline by protecting brain cells from mutation and damage. Their bodies love it for lowering cancer risk, lowering blood sugar levels, fighting infections and viruses and lowering unhealthy cholesterol.


Heavy hitter in the health benefits ring, garlic is recognized for its ability to help reduce or prevent heart disease, cancer, stroke and infections. Following turmeric, garlic is the number two plant for health benefits. Not only does garlic help reverse early heart disease by reversing the build-up of plaque in arteries, it also helps control high blood pressure. Its antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties is the reason so many people use garlic as an immune booster to keep colds at bay or reduce the symptoms and duration of the illness.

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