What eventually became a delight for the taste buds and a boon for overall health started out as a call from the heart. An entrepreneur from the get-go, Rebecca Taylor, the real-life Miss 'P' had spent twenty-five years building a clothing distribution business. Growing from a single store to three warehouse locations throughout Toronto, her business was by all measures a resounding success. Yet Rebecca didn’t feel fulfilled by it the way she always hoped she would. No matter how far and wide her business ventures took her, her heart always called her back to the place she found her greatest joy. At home in the kitchen, preparing food in the Caribbean style to share with family and friends.

Initially dragged into the kitchen by her mother on weekends and holidays, the ritual of cooking became the highlight of Rebecca’s formative years at home. Never working from powder, she and her mother always started by preparing and grinding spices from their natural form. Slow cooked foods lovingly prepared from cherished recipes handed down through the generations. Tantalizing aromas that filled the house. Appreciative accolades from loved ones, were her happiest memories. Regardless of what kind of success she created outside the kitchen, for Rebecca nothing compared to her love of feeding people. Nurturing them with food she prepared herself.

The heartfelt call to share the tastes of home is what led to the creation Ready To Go Foods, featuring Miss 'P' ready to use Caribbean Flavours. Modifying and expanding on recipes handed down from her mother and grandmother, Rebecca spent six years experimenting with spices and flavours and sharing untold numbers of lovingly prepared meals with friends and family. The culmination of all those meals can be found in any of Miss 'P's ready to use Pastes, Sauces or All Purpose Seasoning Mix.

If you’ve been to the Caribbean, you know the taste. A blend of spicy and sweet reminiscent of blue skies, white sands and tropical breezes. What others describe as a fusion of exotic and delicious, Rebecca calls it a taste of home.

It is her greatest pleasure to share it with you.